There are many doubts about which oil to use for cooking, it is important since the food absorbs part of the oil and this can be more or less healthy depending on the type. Perhaps it is clearer that the best oil to use raw is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but for frying?

We answer your questions about which oils are the healthiest and most suitable for cooking, especially when foods are subjected to high temperatures. This depends on different factors, find out what is the best oil for high temperature cooking?

Is frying with olive oil bad?

This is one of the great myths, but it is totally false. It is often thought that sunflower oil is the healthiest oil for frying food, but nothing could be further from the truth. Frying with olive oil is not a bad thing.

Many people think that high temperatures denature most of the properties of olive oil. In other words, the great organoleptic value it has when consumed raw is lost when fried. 

Olive oil not only adds an exquisite flavour to food, but also enriches it thanks to its properties. And despite this false myth, olive oil retains its nutritional properties better when used in fried foods. In fact, this is confirmed by recent studies.

A study carried out by scientists at the University of Granada, published in the journal Food ChemistryIt has been shown that vegetables fried with EVOO improve their antioxidant capacity and the content of phenolic compounds. This means that they prevent certain diseases, such as cancer or diabetes, since olive oil transfers phenols, compounds that are not found naturally in these foods.

Is it better to fry with olive oil or sunflower oil?

The most common is to use sunflower oil for frying and leave the healthier type (EVOO) to be consumed raw on toast or salads. But this does not mean that it is the best choice.

What is certain is that sunflower oil has no better frying qualities than olive oil.. This has been the most common trend for years because of the price, as it is true that sunflower oil is much cheaper than EVOO. However, this difference in cost already gives a slight idea of which is of higher quality.  

The high temperatures to which oils are subjected during frying are one of the factors that increase their deterioration. In other words, not only are their taste, smell and colour affected, but also toxic substances are created.

Olive oil, thanks to the fatty acids it contains, especially oleic acid, is better able to withstand these high temperatures. Sunflower oil, on the other hand, tends to form more negative substances for the organism, such as saturated fats.

This does not mean that sunflower oil poses a high risk to your health, only that due to its properties it degrades more quickly. It is advisable not to exceed 180ºC and not to reuse it.

Still not convinced? Try this trick at home and see for yourself how much of a difference it makes. choose olive oil or sunflower oil for frying

Fry 100 grams of potatoes with sunflower oil and another 100 grams with olive oil, then weigh them individually. Potatoes that have been fried with sunflower oil will weigh more, as sunflower oil penetrates the food more deeply than olive oil. 

This means that, in addition to being healthier, less oil is consumed, so the daily savings are considerable.

Why use olive oil for frying

Extra virgin olive oil is considered the best oil for frying. This type of oil withstands high temperatures excellently and even contains the most antioxidants. 

In fact, many nutrition experts and studies show that it is a basic element in the kitchen thanks to its numerous healthy properties for the organism. 

It is one of the most versatile, perfect for cooking at high temperatures or simply for raw use. In fact, there is a wide range of varieties suitable for raw use, such as the Picual EVOOthe Organic EVOO or the Royal EVOOamong others.

Among other advantages, it allows faster frying, so the food loses less nutrients than with other types of oil. In addition, the proteins in this oil create a crispy layer on the surface of the food, which makes it difficult for a large amount of oil to penetrate into the food. This means that less oil is wasted.

And let's not forget that olive oil enhances the flavour of food, making frying a culinary experience suitable for the most demanding palates. With all these advantages, it is not surprising that the most prestigious chefs use it in their dishes to create recipes in the purest Mediterranean style.

Now you know what is the best oil for high temperature cooking?. Don't be fooled by false myths, olive oil is the best for frying thanks to its properties, the flavour it provides and the fact that it saves on the amount you use every day.
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