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Family unity and passion, three generations connected

Our origins date back to 1994, when our grandfather and reference, Juan Moral Alcántara, bought an old oil mill in Garcíez, a district of our village Torredelcampo. We will always remember him as a great entrepreneur and music lover. His beginnings were as a carpenter, but his great entrepreneurial initiative led him to create a timber warehouse to supply all his colleagues in the trade and himself. Today known as Maderas Moral.

Our grandfather had always had a great passion for the countryside, dreaming from an early age of owning his own olive groves. Thus, after the positive trajectory he achieved with his business, he was able to acquire several agricultural estates. The Casa Marcos farm was the most important one for our family. It was where our grandparents, our father and his sisters spent their summers. Passion that they have been able to pass on to us generation after generation.

After obtaining several olive groves, he began his journey in this world, acquiring an oil mill to venture into producing his own oil and controlling each stage of the process, both harvesting and production. top quality olive oil.

Today, in our father's hands and in ours, Aceites Moral is a company marked by family unity and which aims to continue with the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of our father and grandfather.

Aceites Moral S.L. Foundation
Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest Picual

Why buy AOVE Verde Divino?

Verde Divino offers an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its different varieties: picual, organic picual, arbequina and royal. An EVOO produced and elaborated in the province of Jaén, a delight for the palate that will surprise you thanks to its intense flavour, colour and aroma.

A product in perfect harmony with the environment and nature. Our centenary oil mill Aceites Moral, located in Garcíez and surrounded by a landscape full of olive trees, takes great care in the production of this green gold. Choosing Verde Divino means choosing quality.

Olive grove and environment

How is olive oil made: balance, passion and purity?

At Verde Divino, the demands we make when it comes to pampering our olive groves and the rigorous control of the production process are rewarded by obtaining a superior quality EVOO. A perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Our passion for the olive grove helps us to have a total follow-up until the fruit is harvested, from the growth and development stages of the fruit to its state of health. Each crop is harvested in the months of October and November, at the optimum moment of ripeness thanks to early harvesting.

With the help of the most innovative technological advances and respecting the natural environment in order to maintain the purity of the fruit in its unique aroma and flavour. A careful cold extraction below 20º C and milled in less than 8 hours.

The liquid is stored in stainless steel tanks to guarantee the absence of oxygen and light in order to maintain its antioxidant and organoleptic qualities. The result of this process is a divine oila real culinary gem.

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