The Picual oil is considered the green gold of Jaén, and is the predominant variety produced in the province. More than 66 million olive trees make up its landscape, such is its importance that it aspires to be declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Of all of them, 90% of these olive trees belong to the picual variety. It is one of the most typical of Jaén and possibly the most popular throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Discover everything about Picual Olive Oil, from its characteristics, its properties and even its uses.

What is Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Picual oil comes from the olive with the same name, this is due to the fact that the shape of the crop ends in a peak, which easily differentiates it from other varieties. It is the predominant variety in the province of Jaénbut also from all over the world due to its perfect adaptation to different harvesting systems. Spain has 900,000 hectares, 600,000 of which belong to Jaén. Its production is especially concentrated in Andalusia thanks to the climatic conditions of the area, especially in Jaén, Córdoba and Granada. Verde Divino's farms are located in the province, therefore, they belong to the olive trees so characteristic of the picual variety.

Characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil Picual

The main characteristic of this variety of olive is its bitterness and also its spiciness. The picual olive stands out for having a great personality, being a full-bodied oil rich in nuances. So much so that it can be rejected by people who are not used to consuming EVOO, as a small amount of it can make its presence felt in any dish. Furthermore, depending on when the olives are harvested, they can have a different olfactory and taste perception. The early harvest Picual oils are green, with aromas of fresh grass, tomato plants and aromatic herbs. On the other hand, mature picual oils stand out for their fig leaf aromas. In any case, they all stand out for their bitter and spicy taste. It has a high oleic acid contentThe 80% is estimated to be much higher than in other varieties. This makes it recognised as one of the best EVOOs for a healthy diet as it helps prevent high cholesterol. It is highly rust-resistant. This means that it boasts an excellent shelf life, making it possible to place a large order with the peace of mind that it will not spoil.

Properties of Picual oil

This variety stands out for being a great ally for the health of the body. In fact, many nutrition experts recommend its daily consumption, at least one or two tablespoons a day. It is therefore not surprising that it is a fundamental part of the Mediterranean diet. Picual olive oil is the EVOO with the highest presence of unsaturated fatty acidswhich are considered to be healthy fats for our organism. In fact, there are many benefits of consuming EVOO with meals. This can help to control weight, reduce bad cholesterol and increase levels of good cholesterol. They can also lower blood pressure, prevent the onset of heart disease and even control hypertension.

Uses of Picual Olive Oil

The differential flavour of the Picual variety, thanks to the unique characteristics of this variety type of oilThe use of the product allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications. These are the main ones:
  • Ideal for eating raw. The bitter and spicy flavour is perfect for use on toast or salads, adding a special touch to any dish.
  • Suitable for frying with olive oil. Recommended for use at high temperatures due to its high monounsaturated fatty acid content. Suitable for frying as well as for long cooking times.
  • Use in canned meats, cheeses or fish. It is an ideal preservative, allowing food to be preserved for long periods of time as it is resistant to oxidation.
Now you know all about the Picual Oilconsidered the green gold of Jaén. Its characteristics, properties and uses. If you have not yet tasted this variety, we encourage you to do so. And if you have already done so, you will know the differential touch it brings to dishes. In Verde Divino you can buy Picual oil with excellent value for money. A real explosion of flavours for the palate.

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