Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Litre Carafe (x6) Divine Green


This product is sold in boxes of 6 units

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil in family format can be your perfect ally in all kinds of dishes and recipes, an ideal choice for food lovers. It adds a touch of distinction to your preparations with the unique flavour from the province of Jaén.

EVOO is mostly used "raw". However, it is also recommended for use in various culinary cooking techniques:


  • Dressing: salads, pasta or preparations that usually contain salt and vinegar.
  • Marinate: to leave for a suitable period of time on certain foods, especially meat and fish.
  • Preserve: ideal for foods that are kept submerged in EVOO for preservation and enrichment. From anchovies, cheeses, fish, octopus or some meats.

For cooking:

This EVOO can be used for sautéing, cooking, browning, frying, roasting or frying. It is ideal for all types of cooking techniques. The perfect ally to add a touch of distinction to your dishes.

Conservation tips:

Keep in a dry place, protected from light, heat and odours.

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