Olive oil is considered a star product in the Mediterranean diet, but it is also widely used for beauty or pharmacological products. However, not all of them are the same, nor do they have the same characteristics and properties.

Discover the types of olive oil and their most important differences, the olive varieties from which they are obtained and their peculiar flavours.

All the information on types of olive oil

The types of olive oil have numerous differences between each of the varieties, from their properties to their most recommended uses. The quality between all of them is very different and determines their flavour, aroma and colour.

Extra virgin olive oil

It is considered to be the best olive oil, it has no organoleptic defect as only olives that are in perfect condition are used. This guarantees their differential quality in both flavour and aroma.

To be a EVOO must have a maximum acidity of 0.8% and must meet a series of requirements, from its extraction, its production and even a tasting to guarantee its quality.

What are the properties and benefits of extra virgin olive oil?

It is the best oil for cooking, used even by the most prestigious chefs all over the world, withstanding temperatures of over 180º C and therefore suitable for frying without losing its properties.

In particular, it is used raw thanks to its exquisite flavour, in salads or toasts typical of Mediterranean breakfast. It stands out for its numerous health benefitswith antibacterial properties that prevent diseases or improve the digestive system.

It also contains polyphenols which act as natural antioxidants to reduce joint pain or improve memory. It fights bad cholesterol, prevents type II diabetes or keeps skin and hair healthy.

Virgin olive oil

This is one of the best quality olive oils, just below AOVE, in fact, is obtained by the same method as "extra virgin".. The main difference between them is their degree of acidity, which can have a maximum of 2%, much higher than in extra virgin olive oil.

This characteristic is due to the fact that the olives are at a different stage of ripening. Therefore, the acids are higher. It is mainly used for cooking because of its milder flavour and the lower amount of natural antioxidants it contains.

Its flavour and aroma is delicious, and although it has a smaller quantity, it still provides many benefits when consumed.

Olive oil

This olive oil has a somewhat lower qualityis obtained from the mixture of a small percentage of virgin olive oil and refined oil. It is suitable for consumption, but does not contain any health benefits and is widely used for cosmetic products.

Consumers may be confused by the fact that within this variety there are two different types: an oil with a mild flavour and a more intense one with a higher degree of acidity.

Olive pomace oil

This type of oil is one of the lowest quality oilsis obtained after industrial refining of the residue. This means that it is made from olives that have already been pressed and milled in the mills.

In fact, it is necessary to add some chemical solvents, eliminating the natural properties of olive oil. Despite this, it is suitable for human consumption and is the most widely used in restaurants and bars due to its low cost for griddles or fryers.

It is not good to over-consume as it is a processed fat, which means that it adds more calories to meals.

Lampante virgin olive oil

This oil is obtained from the last harvesting seasons, i.e. with damaged olives of poorer quality because they are in a state of fermentation or are obtained from the ground.

The commercialisation of this type of oil is forbidden without undergoing a refining process, thus obtaining the refined olive oil. Although this type of oil is obtained, its smell and taste are still not very pleasant. For this reason, it is often used for cosmetic products and medicinal treatments.

Which olive oil is better?

If after knowing all the types you still have doubts about which is the best olive oil, there is no room for confusion, extra virgin olive oil is of the highest quality.

It is the star product and the one most chosen by consumers. The most suitable olives are selected for its production and it must undergo rigorous controls to guarantee its differential quality.

Thanks to these processes, it contains a large number of natural antioxidants, making it the olive oil with the greatest health benefits when consumed. Consuming EVOO is a pleasure for the palate; flavour, aroma and colour.

Now you know all the types of olive oil and their differences The main factors to be able to choose the best option depending on the use you are going to make of it. And you, what type of olive oil do you prefer? In Verde Divino you can find a wide range of selection of EVOO varietiesEach one of them is suitable for each dish.

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