Extra virgin olive oil is the star product of the Mediterranean diet, a fruit juice known for its properties and numerous benefits for the organism. It is one of the few foods that never expires, although it has a best-before date after which it begins to lose its properties.

Despite not having an expiry date, if it is not preserved in the correct way, its organoleptic characteristics may be affected. That is to say, its taste, aroma and colour can suffer modifications, the most common being rancidity. This is not dangerous to health, but it does develop an unpleasant taste.

Discover how to preserve extra virgin olive oil so that it does not lose its properties and retains its original flavour. Follow these steps to keep this liquid gold a pleasure for the palate.

How long can extra virgin olive oil be kept for?

The shelf life depends on the type of olive oil and the environmental factors to which it is subjected. This is due to the higher or lower content of polyphenols such as vitamin E, which are natural antioxidants that protect the oil from the passage of time. They are also responsible for the bitter taste, as in the Picual variety, or the milder taste, as in the Arbequina variety.

The higher the polyphenol content, the better the original properties of the fruit juice will be preserved. For example, the Picual variety can last two years, while the Arbequina about one year.

Does olive oil expire?

The answer is no, in fact, there is no risk of poisoning from consuming EVOO years old. It has a best-before date, which means that after this date the oil may lose its organoleptic properties.

It is therefore advisable to take into account the indicative date on the packaging in order to consume it earlier and thus be able to enjoy its benefits.

Optimum conditions for preserving extra virgin olive oil

After buy quality EVOOThese simple steps on the correct preservation of olive oil are simple, capable of maintaining its original properties. 

Constant temperature

Be sure to keep your EVOO bottle away from any heat source, as prolonged exposure can cause the alcohols present in the olive oil to evaporate. This can deteriorate its texture.

The ideal temperature is between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius, although it is fine if it is lower. In addition, sudden changes in temperature do not agree with it, so it is necessary to keep it at a constant temperature.

The cold has no impact on its preservation, neither negative nor positive. The only thing that can happen is that white lumps may appear due to its high oleic acid content. However, it is only frozen vegetable fat that disappears when the temperature rises.

Keep it away from light

One of the most important aspects for its correct preservation is to store the oil in a dark or dimly lit place. It should not be exposed to direct light. It is advisable to store the container in a cupboard in your kitchen. 

If this is not possible, it is better to have dark glass or tin containers so that the packaging protects it from light. However, do not use iron containers.

Always tightly closed packaging

Although EVOO has many components that act as natural antioxidants, if it is in contact with oxygen in the air for a prolonged period of time, it can become rancid. 

It is very important that the container is hermetically sealed. Therefore, one trick is to put the oil for daily consumption in a smaller container and the other in its original container to keep it in good condition.

Away from strong smells

One of the best organoleptic qualities of EVOO is its taste and smell, which is different in each variety. Olive oil has a great facility for absorbing foreign odours, thus altering its original properties. 

It is therefore advisable to avoid sharing the space with other foods that give off strong odours, fumes or vapours generated during cooking. 

Now you know the best tips on how to preserve extra virgin olive oil. Apply them and maintain the characteristics of this liquid gold. 

Even if you take these tips into account, it is advisable to respect the best-before date. At Verde Divino you can buy EVOO and contact us if you have any questions about how to store your favourite oil variety. We will be happy to help you.

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