Olive oil is a star product in gastronomy, used even by the most prestigious and internationally renowned chefs, but there are different types of olive oil.

Discover what is EVOO and why it is the most premium olive oil product. A real delight for the palate.

Meaning of EVOO

AOVE is an acronym that stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is a classification of olive oil that requires the product to comply with a strict set of regulations and controls. All of these are necessary to achieve differential quality. In English, this acronym is known as EVOO, due to its acronym in that language. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This type of oil is classified as EVOO when it meets a series of requirements: a characteristic odour and flavour, free of defects, with a maximum acidity of 0,8%Harvesting is carried out on a specific date and by means of mechanical processes.

It cannot have no organoleptic defectolives in poor condition, whether due to over-ripeness, pests or weather conditions, must be removed. This is a exclusive product with a low production, as it is necessary to obtain many more green olives to produce 1 litre of oil.

How is an oil classified as EVOO?

As you have seen, for an oil to be considered EVOO it must meet a series of very strict requirements. Find out what tests it must pass in order to be classified as extra virgin olive oil.

  • Physico-chemical analysis.

After production and processing, olive oil must pass an analysis based on a series of requirements established by the International Olive Oil Council (IOC).

  • Tasting.

A tasting of the product before it is labelled is compulsory, as it is what finally determines whether or not it can be classified as EVOO. Not just any type of tasting is valid, it must be regulated and must comply with a series of highly technical specifications, from the material used, the jury and even the room where it is carried out.

Characteristics of EVOO: not all are the same

It is important to know that not all EVOO tastes the sameThe variety of olive from which they are made makes a big difference. This characteristic and sensory experience is unique to virgin olive oils.

Each one of them has a very marked personality, different depending on the production area and the type of variety it comes from, including the way it is made and preserved. Everything counts.

For example, the variety Arberquina has a marked fruity touch on the palate, while the picual variety has a slightly bitter and spicy taste.

Not only do they have a different taste, but these differences are also reflected in aroma and colour. A spectacular product for all the senses.

Another of its main characteristics, which helps to differentiate it from other olive oils, is its maximum acidity level, which must not exceed 0.8%. The lower the acidity level, the higher the quality of the product.

This level should be set out in the EVOO bottle labelsThis guarantees its differential quality after undergoing a chemical process to measure this level in a laboratory.

EVOO: a star product for the kitchen

Extra virgin olive oil has numerous health benefits when consumed in food, all types of EVOO are perfect for cooking due to their properties and characteristics.

It can be used to dress salads and vegetables, to accompany toast for breakfast or to make sauces. It is one of the most emblematic products in the Mediterranean diet, in dishes such as salmorejo, gazpacho or cold soups.

All its varieties are ideal for cooking, but each one stands out more for its use in some meals thanks to its properties and flavour. Moreover, the choice depends on the tastes of the person who is going to consume it.

Why choose it and where to buy EVOO?

It is the most demanded product due to all its properties and the numerous health benefits it provides thanks to the rigorous controls it must pass in order to be considered an EVOO.

It has great natural antioxidants as the most suitable fruits are used in its production. In addition, both the oil packaging and the packaging are carefully designed, providing a key difference with the rest of the products.

It is decided, to choose extra virgin olive oil is to choose a differential quality, so where to buy EVOO with a high quality. Nowadays, it is possible to buy it in many shops and small businesses, and it is even possible to buy it directly from olive oil mills and cooperatives.

It is even possible to buy EVOO onlineAt Aceites Moral we are producers and we have our own oil mill, thus guaranteeing a quality product without going through intermediaries. A synonym of safety and a simple process, direct to your home. What are you waiting for to taste this liquid gold?

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