The IberOleum guide is a prestigious olive oil guide that brings together the best Spanish EVOOs. To do so, it brings together experts from the sector and sensory analysis to analyse the most representative and highest quality products on the market. This brings our "liquid gold" closer to the consumer, providing them with the necessary information to buy a quality EVOO. Being part of this list is a privilege and at Verde Divino we are celebrating because we have managed to be among the best in the world. Spain's 10 best small-production wines.

How is the tasting to be included in IberOleum's list of AOVEs?

Several sensory tastings and evaluations by experts from the sector that form part of IberOleum 2021 will take place over the course of several days. The organisers point out that this has been an edition in which they are very grateful for the response obtained from both brands and producers. They recognise the difficulty in making decisions due to the high quality of the olive oils presented. In fact, the selection has been made from more than 200 samples. The tasting process is rigorous, so the credibility of the guide is indisputable. To do so, they go to the bottling plants and oil mills to collect a sample, which is coded before a notary in a code that cannot be recognised by the tasters. In addition, the team of tasters is becoming more and more prestigious, with the participation of true eminences of the industry. The best tasters in our country have participated. Among the 250 samples that came from all over Spain, Verde Divino has the privilege of being among the best is a real pleasure.

Verde Divino in the top 10 of the best small production in Spain

The jury has already announced the juices that will be included in this exclusive guide, among them, our Verde Divino Picual variety. Characterised by its early harvesting with an exquisite mouthfeel, it is very balanced in bitterness and spiciness. In the IberOleum guide, our Picual, achieved a score of 9.2 out of 10. This recognition of EVOO, being among the best in Spain of small production, is an honour for the entire Verde Divino team. Year after year, we work and control every stage of the process from the olive grove to the packaging of the product to guarantee our EVOO lovers the quality they deserve. This recognition is a boost to continue offering an extra virgin olive oil from Jaén with unique organoleptic characteristics. You can taste our Picual variety to see why it is in this top 10 of Iber Oleum. Its position is no coincidence, as it has all the attributes of the Picual olive. A harmonious aroma and an emerald green colour characteristic of this type of EVOOs. In our online shop you can find it in different formats, both an individual bottle to be consumed at home as well as a box of 6 units Picual to share with the family. Taste a typical product of the province of Jaén, considered "the olive oil capital of the world", rich in antioxidants and one of the most beneficial varieties for health. At Verde Divino we are very proud to have received this recognition from the professional jury of the IberOleum Guide, now we just need you to tell us what you think. What are you waiting for to taste our Picual variety? We are looking forward to know what "grade" you give us! Explore our online shop and get your limited edition Picual, early harvest. We'll read you in the comments or on social media.

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