Glass bottle 500 ml of AOVE ARBEQUINA EVOO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Arbequina variety obtained from early harvesting and cold extraction to preserve its unique organoleptic characteristics. From olive groves located in the area of the province of Jaén.

During harvesting, the most advanced techniques are applied to prevent damage to the olives, and we carry out exhaustive controls throughout the process to guarantee their differential quality.

An olive juice that is pleasant in the mouth, balanced, smooth in texture and with an explosion of aromas.

Conservation and pairing

Store in a dry place, away from light and heat.

Arbequina EVOO is recommended for making homemade mayonnaise, marinating fish, making light creams, gazpacho, stir-fries, for the grill and cold soups. Thanks to its mild flavour, it is perfect for salads, breakfasts, raw foods or pastries.

Tasting note

Intense green fruity oil, a juice that in the mouth has a bitter and medium spicy touch. On the nose it has aromas of grass, almond and apple, with light notes of tomato and artichoke.

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