Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual Early Harvest Bag in Box 3 Litres Verde Divino

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The innovative 3L Bag in Box format of Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest allows for vacuum packaging to perfectly preserve all the properties of the oil.

It ensures that the aroma and natural flavour of our exquisite Picual Cosecha Temprana does not disappear little by little.

It is carefully prepared in detail, with great care taken at every stage of the process, thanks to the fact that we have our own olive oil mills. An olive juice rich in natural antioxidants whose properties make it the perfect ally to take care of your health. A Picual olive oil from Jaén with the unique flavour of the province.

Tasting notes Bag in Box Early Harvest Picual

Let yourself be seduced by the nuances of our Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an exquisite entry in the mouth, very balanced in bitterness and spiciness. It has all the green attributes of the Picual olive with a harmonious aroma reminiscent of olive leaf, almond and artichoke.

What are the advantages of buying Bag in Box 3 Litres extra Picual olive oil?

The olive oil is placed in a flexible bag fitted with a drip-proof tap, placed inside a cardboard box, the perfect packaging so that you can enjoy it as if it were the first day for a long time!

  • Preserves the oil in optimum conditions. Prevents light from entering, so it does not oxidise.
  • Anti-drip tap system ensures that the container remains hermetically sealed.
  • The bag shrinks as the oil is emptied, preventing oxygen from entering to prevent oxidation.
  • More sustainable packaging. The cardboard and the bag are made of fully recyclable materials. The use is maximum, in Verde Divino we are committed to sustainability.



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