Extra virgin olive oil 100 ml case


The Monovarietal Collection Box contains the different varieties that we produce at
our farms, Picual olive oil, Ecological olive oil, Royal olive oil and
Arbequina olive oil, so that you can enjoy the exquisite flavour of each of our olive oils.
This pack is the perfect opportunity to give extra virgin olive oil from Jaén as a gift.
a differentiated and exquisite way. Within the same box, you can enjoy a
authentic quality gastronomic experience. Organise your own wine tasting at home with one of our
the most complete oil gift boxes.
Case of 4 bottles of 100 ml each:

- 1 bottle of Picual
- 1 bottle of Ecological
- 1 bottle of Arbequina
- 1 bottle of Royal

Tasting notes:
Picual. Intense green fruity oil. It has aromas of green olive, olive leaf and grass, with fruity notes of green almond and apple, with hints of vegetables such as tomato and artichoke. In the mouth the green olive is accentuated, with clearly perceptible bitterness and spiciness.
Ecological. Intense green fruity oil. It has aromas of green olive, grass and olive leaf, with fruity notes of almond and green apple, with hints of vegetables such as artichoke and tomato.
Arbequina. Intense green fruity oil, a juice that in the mouth has a touch of
bitter and medium spicy. On the nose, it offers aromas of grass, almond and apple, with
Light notes of tomato and artichoke.
Royal. Oil with high green fruitiness, a juice that is bitter in the mouth, and
medium spicy. On the nose it has intense fruity aromas of grass and almond,
artichoke and apple, with slight notes of tomato.

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