Pregnancy is a special time. Therefore, it is essential to eat a balanced and healthy diet that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is important to follow nutrition recommendations to keep the baby and mother safe. 

Prohibited foods and foods that are beneficial during this stage, with extra virgin olive oil being one of the most positive. Numerous recent studies claim that a diet rich in olive oil can have a positive effect on foetal development and can also be beneficial during adulthood.

Discover why EVOO is beneficial for pregnancyThe following is a list of all the characteristics and keys to find out more about the advantages of this gastronomic jewel.

Benefits of olive oil for pregnant women

Consuming olive oil during pregnancy is completely safe. In fact, it has many benefits for a pregnant woman, not only is it good for the mother-to-be, but it also has immense benefits for the foetus.

Enhances foetal development

Consuming olive oil during pregnancy can greatly benefit the growth and development of the foetus. The high content of oleic and omega-3 acids are extremely beneficial for the baby's heart. 

In addition, they help the proper development of the foetal skeletal systemIt is also important for the brain and skin, facilitating the absorption of calcium, and protecting the brain and skin. If a mother consumes olive oil regularly during pregnancy, it can positively affect the height and weight of the foetus.

Protects the mother's immune system

The health benefits of EVOO are numerous, and they do not disappear during pregnancy. Therefore, a pregnant woman can also enjoy them, both during the months of pregnancy and afterwards. 

In fact, olive oil plays a fundamental role in the regulation of the mother's immune system and in the elimination of harmful pathogens that can spread infections.

Helps the baby to have an adequate weight

A recent study by CIBERESP at the University of Jaén states that women who have included EVOO in their diets are less likely to give birth to a small-for-gestational-age baby.

And that's not all. As well as reducing the likelihood of the baby having an inadequate weight, it also helps to prevent the newborn from becoming obese during childhood.

Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and strengthens the skin's elasticity.

Olive oil receives skin care accolades for its antioxidant and moisturising abilities. It is responsible for diminishing marks and mitigating stretch marks. 

Apply olive oil to the belly during the months of pregnancy. allows excellent results to be obtained, reducing the likelihood of stretch marks appearing. 

In addition, including EVOO in the diet makes the skin more elastic, which means it is ready to cope with weight changes.

Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that can occur in pregnant women. It can lead to premature delivery, respiratory problems, caesarean delivery or hypoglycaemia in the baby. AVOE reduces the development of this disease, and therefore avoids all the associated risks.

Now you know why EVOO is beneficial for pregnancyIt will be the perfect ally for you during this beautiful stage. It is true that you will have to give up pleasures such as ham or sushi, but you can still savour extra virgin olive oil. 

In Verde Divino you can find different varieties of EVOO with a differential quality. Satisfy all your cravings and add a drizzle of our oil, it's time to enjoy!

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