Olive oil is a true culinary jewel, but not all oils have the same quality and flavour. In order to buy the best product, it is necessary to check that the bottle has a label with an official D.O. label, thus acquiring an oil with a differential quality.

Discover what are the olive oil designations of origin?which ones belong to the province of Jaén and why they are so important.

What are olive oil designations of origin?

The denominations of origin (D.O.) of olive oil are the labels in charge of defining the area where it is produced, the production system and the geographical conditions of the oil.

In short, the main objective of the designations of origin is to ensuring differential quality from its production in the olive groves, the olive oil mills used and even the bottling of this liquid gold.

It is a official label recognised at European level (Community Regulation EC 2081/92) used for agri-food products, such as wine or oil, which are of high quality, either because of their natural environment, their production or their history.

Today, Spain has 28 olive oil D.O.'s, and others in the process of recognition, thanks to being a leading olive oil producing country.

How to identify a DO olive oil

If you are wondering how to identify a DO olive oil, you should know that it is a simple process. The containers and bottles containing an oil that has been awarded the official EU label carry a sticker indicating this.

This red and yellow labelThe sticker with the letters "Denominación de origen protegida" (protected designation of origin) stands out because it is eye-catching and does not go unnoticed on any packaging. Recognising this sticker is important to know if you are buying an olive oil with a differential quality or, on the contrary, if they are trying to sell you something that is not true.

If the olive oil has passed the numerous controls of the regulatory councils to certify its quality, you should find this official sticker.

Benefits of a Denomination of Origin olive oil

Buying olive oil with D.O. is to obtain a quality product, thanks to having passed rigorous controls from the olive groves to the packaging, something that cannot be guaranteed by other foods and oils.

In addition, it avoids any type of fraud or confusion as it indicates the specific region where it was produced. Consumers can be sure of its origin. It guarantees an exquisite flavour, since after analysing the oil mills, where a traceability audit is carried out with a tasting in order to be able to use the D.O. labels.

Olive oil with D.O. is an exclusive product.The production is limited and always corresponds to an "Extra Virgin", the best quality category of all oils, with excellent properties thanks to the climate and geography of the area where it is produced.

As a consumer, its main advantage is the confidence and security you gain from buying this certified oil, controlled by regulatory boards. A locally produced product, with tradition, flavour, smell and colour, the best option to enjoy the benefits of EVOO when consumed.

Denominations of Origin of olive oil from Jaén

Today, throughout Spain there are 28 designations of origin, three of which belong to Jaén, one of the provinces with the highest production and with the greatest national and international importance. The province's extensive olive-growing tradition dates back to Roman times, a product marked by tradition.

Recently, Brussels included oil from Jaén in the register of protected designations of origin in the European Union. This is a great boost for all the products of this green liquid from the area.

Today, Andalusia has 12 designations of origin and one Protected Geographical Indication, recognised this year for Jaén olive oil. As a result, the province of Jaén has three designations of origin and one PGI:

Designation of Origin Sierra de Cazorla

The Sierra de Cazorla D.O. is characterised by an oil originating, in particular, from the areas of La Iruela, Quesada and Cazorla. The picual variety accounts for 94% of the surface area, the remaining 5% being of the Royal variety.

The olive oil of this D.O. is characterised by a peculiar bitter touch, which is caused by the natural antioxidants it contains.

Sierra Mágina Designation of Origin

The taste of this olive oil has a strong personality, with slightly bitter hints and an intense fruity flavour. It has an acidity level of less than 0.5%.

The picual variety is the majority variety in the surface area of this designation of origin, the remaining percentage corresponding to the Manzanillo de Jaén variety.

Designation of Origin Sierra de Segura

More than 95% of the surface area of the Sierra de Segura area has a production of the picual variety, although the remaining percentage belongs to other varieties such as: Verdala, Manzanillo de Jaén and Royal.

It stands out for its great resistance to low temperatures, thus guaranteeing excellent quality. It has an acidity level of less than 1%, making it an extra virgin olive oil.

The oil of this D.O. is characterised by its fruity taste and high quality in flavour and colour.

Referring to the 3 denominations of origin in the province of JaénIt can be seen that the picual variety is the most important in the area, accounting for the largest percentage of surface area in all of them. It is so important that it accounts for half of the national production.

Now you know what the denomination of origin of olive oil is and how to identify if it is an oil with the official label. If you want to savour an oil with the authentic flavour of the province, take a look at our online shopWe have an EVOO with a differential quality, a pleasure for the senses! Buying extra virgin olive oil is easy thanks to the facilities of our website, we deliver it to your home.

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