A spoonful of EVOO on an empty stomach is one of the traditional home remedies that has been passed down from generation to generation. But is there any scientific evidence to confirm the benefits of taking it? 

Nowadays, numerous studies, such as the one by PREDIMEDThe results of the study show that it is really beneficial for the organism and cardiovascular health. We tell you why it is good to drink virgin olive oil on an empty stomach after consultation with several specialists.

5 benefits of taking virgin olive oil on an empty stomach

For years people have heard that drinking extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach has numerous benefits, but there has never been any scientific evidence to prove it. However, there are now studies that corroborate that this "old myth" is true.

EVOO plays a fundamental role in the famous Mediterranean diet, as nutrition experts recommend its consumption due to the multiple benefits it provides. And if it is also taken on an empty stomach, it can increase the intake. These are some of the main benefits of doing so:

  • Relieves constipation and improves digestion. The components of EVOO have a slight laxative effect that helps regulate intestinal transit. Taking a teaspoon of olive oil on an empty stomach improves digestion.
  • Aids weight loss. Its high oleic acid content acts as an appetite regulator and causes a feeling of satiety. The olive oil is not fatteningIt is therefore the best ally if you are trying to lose weight. It can make it easier to follow a diet without feeling hungry.
  • Protects the liver. Able to protect against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through its anti-inflammatory properties. These modify the lipid composition of the liver and the pathways activated in the liver.
  • Prevents the development of ulcers. Extra virgin olive oil is composed of polyphenols that help to prevent the appearance of ulcers in the stomach, as they have a bactericidal effect.
  • Cares for the cardiovascular system. This is the main benefit of taking EVOO, especially if consumed on an empty stomach. Its oleic acid reduces bad cholesterol levels and helps prevent the development of vascular diseases.

How to drink extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach?

Now that you know all the benefits and the scientific evidence to support them, you may be wondering how to take it properly on an empty stomach.

  • Teaspoon of EVOO. You can take it about 30 minutes before breakfast to promote intestinal transit and give you a feeling of satiety. For this method, we recommend using a mild variety so that it tastes good when consumed raw without mixing it with anything, as is the case of the Arbequina EVOO.
  • Lemon juice and EVOO. A few minutes before breakfast, take a mixture of a teaspoon of virgin olive oil and half a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. This mixture is equally beneficial, you can add a little water to make it lighter to drink.

You already know why it is good to drink virgin olive oil on an empty stomachA small gesture every morning that can protect your body thanks to its powerful benefits. It's worth it buy quality EVOO What are you waiting for to check it out?

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