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Desde: 83,90

Box of 6 units of 500 ML of arbequina variety

A very complex and balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Arbequina variety, with a great combination of flavours. It has a strong, clean and fresh aroma of freshly cut grass, green apple and mainly floral.

Balanced, bitter and spicy. In the mouth it is reminiscent of olfactory complexity and with a certain persistence over time. It is a product recommended for a wide variety of food pairings and to enhance numerous raw foods thanks to its explosion of flavours.

Conservation and pairing

Store in a dry place, away from light and heat.

Arbequina EVOO is recommended for making homemade mayonnaise, marinating fish, making light creams, gazpacho, stir-fries, for the grill and cold soups. Thanks to its mild flavour, it is perfect for salads, breakfasts, raw foods or pastries.

Tasting note

Intense green fruity oil, a juice that in the mouth has a bitter and medium spicy touch. On the nose it has aromas of grass, almond and apple, with light notes of tomato and artichoke.

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