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EVOO Picual Early Harvest 2022/23 500ml with Verde Divino case


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500 ml glass bottle of EVOO PICUAL

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Picual variety, early harvest with an exquisite entry in the mouth, very balanced in bitterness and spiciness. It has all the green attributes of the Picual olive, with a harmonious aroma reminiscent of olive leaf, almond and artichoke. And with an emerald green colour characteristic of this type of EVOOs.

With a careful elaboration to the detail and with a lot of care in each phase of the process thanks to having our own oil mills. An oil with the unique flavour of the province of Jaén.

An olive juice rich in natural antioxidants whose properties make it the perfect ally to take care of your health.

Conservation and pairing

Store in a dry place, away from light and heat.

Perfect for both cooking and raw use, it goes well with salads, toast, cheese, cold meats or grilled meat. A pleasure for the palate.

Tasting note

Oil with medium-high green fruitiness, a juice that has a medium bitter and spicy taste in the mouth. It has aromas of olive leaf, almond and artichoke, with light notes of fig and tomato.

Sensory Star

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