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Organic EVOO - Picual Early Harvest 2022/23 500ml with box Verde Divino


500 ml glass bottle of ECOLOGICAL EVOO, picual variety

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of picual variety of early harvest comes from a 100 % organic cultivation, maintaining an absolute respect for the environment and nature.

It is made exclusively using traditional processes, taking care of every stage, from the olive grove to its packaging. This gives rise to a pure, high quality product.

The picual variety is the most beneficial of all, as it is the oil richest in oleic acid and polyphenols. This, together with the fact that it is an organic oil, makes it an olive juice with a differential quality. Made for the most demanding palates.

Conservation and pairing

Store in a dry place, away from light and heat.

Picual organic EVOO is perfect for raw consumption in salads, meats, pastas, breakfasts or fish. It enhances the flavour of hams, cheeses and cold meats.

Tasting note

Medium green fruity oil with a full-bodied aroma of apple, tomato and almond, with light notes of grass and fig tree. On the palate it is medium in its bitterness and spiciness.

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