You have probably seen "early harvest" on EVOO labelling on more than one occasion, but what exactly does this term refer to and what does it indicate? The extra virgin olive oil early harvest has a high value in the market and is considered to be a product premium. The date on which the olives are harvested will determine many of the characteristics and qualities of the oil.

This term is used when an extra virgin olive oil is made from a young fruit, i.e. the olives used were harvested at the veraison stage, when they turn from green to purplish tones.

This is the perfect time to harvest the olives, before they are fully ripe. Do you want to know more about Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil? We tell you all its peculiarities and health benefits. 

What is Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a product that cannot be missing in any home, whether to accompany breakfast toast, to dress a salad or for cooking, this food is one of the most consumed. 

Not only do we highlight its flavour and functionality, but it is also a basic ingredient in any kitchen, with a large number of properties and health benefits. However, it is important to understand oils in order to choose the right one and get it right every time. 

Have you ever wondered what is early harvest extra virgin olive oil?? It is a type of EVOO that has a more intense flavour and aroma than normal oils, making it perfect to enjoy in salads or simply with a slice of bread. As its name suggests, it is an early harvest olive because the olives are harvested at veraison, which is when they turn from green to purple. 

It is a very special product considered premium due to the characteristics of the olive and its costly production. Tasting it is a real delight, and that is why they say that the oil is a true liquid gold.

When are the olives harvested for early harvest extra virgin olive oil?

The colour of the olive marks the harvesting date of the early harvest extra virgin olive oil, that is, when it turns from greenish to purplish tones. In itself, there is no exact date to start harvesting and it may depend on the geographical area, the variety of olive and even the weather conditions. 

However, there is an approximate period for harvesting early harvest olives, which would cover mid-October to mid-NovemberThe olive harvest lasts one month.

Characteristics of Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Among the most outstanding characteristics of this type of oil are its bright green colour, its flavour and fruity aromas. The green colour is due to the fact that the young olive has a high chlorophyll content, which, unlike the ripe olive, is rich in carotenoids, giving the oil more yellow and orange tones. 

However, what elevates this product to premium status is its flavour and fruity touches. It is an intense oil, with generous aromas, between spicy and bitter, which should be enjoyed raw and is perfect to accompany any meal. Undoubtedly, it is an oil designed for the most demanding palates and for those who wish to enjoy a quality Spanish product.

What are the benefits of Early Harvest olive oil?

Cosecha Temprana extra virgin olive oil has numerous benefits and properties for our health. It is a typical product of the Mediterranean diet and is recommended by nutritionists for its excellent functions for the organism, would you like to know what they are?

  • It stands out for its power antioxidant.
  • It contains numerous vitamins such as A, D and E. 
  • It is rich in polyphenolsThe antioxidant and anti-inflammatory chemicals that give this food great nutritional value.
  • It contains oleic acid and monounsaturated fats, which increase defences, lower cholesterol and help the absorption of nutrients.

What do you think? The fact is that early harvest extra virgin olive oil, apart from having great benefits, is a perfect food to include in any diet. Once you know the properties and value of this olive oil, you need to know how to preserve it so that the passage of time does not damage its quality. 

If you want to enjoy a high quality EVOO, the extra virgin olive oil early harvest from Jaén is one of the most appreciated, as it comes from the province that is the largest producer of this type of oil. Taste our Early Harvest varieties and try this gourmet product, a delight for all the senses. And best of all, with excellent health properties.

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