Are you a fan of EVOO in the kitchen? Once you know the benefits of using it in your beauty routine, you will also be addicted to its daily use to care for your skin. Extra virgin olive oil is an essential ingredient in the kitchen thanks to its powerful properties, but it is also an essential ingredient outside the kitchen. 

Cleopatra, known for her beauty rituals, already applied it to her skin, since in Egyptian culture it was popularly used during the bath to clean the pores of the face, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and as a mask to make the hair look shinier.

I'm sure you've even heard your grandmother mention that she does it every day to avoid wrinkles. But, despite being two women of wisdom, are they right? Yes, they are! 

We already know that a grandmother never gets confused, and now there are numerous scientific studies that EVOO can prevent the signs of premature ageing and sun damage. Discover the benefits of olive oil for the skin and how to use it properly. 

5 benefits of extra virgin olive oil for the skin

Why is EVOO beneficial for the skin? The oil contains antioxidants and an ingredient called squalene which are responsible for the benefits of using it for skin and hair. Squalene is a powerful moisturisermaking EVOO an excellent cleanser for the face.

In recent years, extra virgin olive oil has become the star ingredient in many facial beauty products. It can be used in combination with some ingredients, but using the natural product will always be more effective.

Nourishes and revitalises the skin 

The high content of vitamins and minerals, together with its natural acids, makes EVOO a natural moisturiser. It helps to revitalise the skin of the face by providing it with softness, tone and shine.

In addition, its high oleic acid content stimulates skin cell regeneration, giving the skin a natural glow and elasticity.

Repairs damaged skin tissue

The high vitamin content makes it excellent for repairing damaged skin tissue, as it helps to speed up recovery. It is especially useful for use on superficial wounds and on the skin. healing processes.

In addition, these regenerative properties help to lighten stains that have appeared on the skin naturally, either from the effects of the sun or from old wounds.

It is a fantastic ally against acne and, thanks to its vitamin D, it helps skin that suffers from certain pathologies such as psoriasis or rosacea, and it calms hydration.

Prevents ageing and the appearance of wrinkles

The properties of EVOO stand out as the best allies to prevent skin ageing thanks to its rich content in natural fatty acids, vitamins E and K. These allow preserving the skin's natural elasticityThe use of the natural antioxidants, which are lost over time, helps to combat premature ageing.

In addition, these properties help to reduce wrinkles, especially those that appear on the face and neck. EYE CONTOUR. Wet your fingertips with extra virgin olive oil and gently massage the wrinkles under your eyes. Repeat this routine every night and you will notice how the wrinkles around your eyes start to fade. 

Moisturising for the most sensitive skin

EVOO has moisturising and nourishing properties to moisturise both facial and body skin. Its high vitamin A, E, D and K content makes it an excellent ally to protect and nourish the most sensitive skins, as it is very well tolerated by them.

Just a few drops are enough to effectively moisturise the driest areas of your body. It is ideal for sensitive skin, however, it is not recommended for oily skin.

Helps to remove make-up

It acts as a facial cleanser, being an excellent natural make-up remover, as it also moisturises and repairs. It helps to keep the skin young and soft.

You can remove make-up as usual, but using EVOO. It is only important to mention that it is not recommended to use it directly to remove eye make-up, as this is a sensitive area. 

Which olive oil is the most beneficial for the face? 

If, after learning about its many benefits, you want to start including it in your beauty routine, you are probably wondering which EVOO should you use? 

The most recommended by experts is the extra virgin olive oilIt stands out for its purity and organoleptic qualities. You can choose any of its varieties, from Picual, Royal, Arbequina or even Organic extra virgin olive oil.
Now you know all the benefits of olive oil for the skinStart using it in your facial routine and see the results, it will become your favourite ally!

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