Dysphagia, a swallowing disorder, is a condition that causes difficulty or absolute impossibility in swallowing solid foods and liquids.

There are different types and the causes are varied, as 50 muscles and nerves are needed to swallow food. But dysphagia may be the result of a more serious disease, such as mesothelioma, a type of cancer in which diet and nutrition play a key role. It can lead to malnutrition, dehydration, aspiration and pneumonia. In this case, it is possible to consider 20 foods to promote lung health and avoid such complications.

Recently, the book "El placer de elegir y comer" (The pleasure of choosing and eating) has been presented with proposals for reformulations of traditional recipes with food textures adapted to people with this disease.

The book shows how the use of EVOO can be beneficial for dysphagia sufferers. Discover the keys to this innovative perspective for extra virgin olive oil.

The role of EVOO in nutrition for people with dysphagia

On 12 July this year the book was presented "The pleasure of choosing and eatingThe work was carried out by CEADAC's prestigious head chef Jaime Mora, technical professor of vocational training, and nutritionist Luisa Andrea Solano, lecturer in the Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences at the European University of Madrid.

The book is made up of 7 chapters that aim to bring a new point of view to dysphagia. It shows the approach of incorporating into gastronomy other aspects such as innovative culinary techniques to adapt safe textures to the swallowing capacity of a person with dysphagia. 

It also advises on the use of hydrocolloids for rheological modification of solid and liquid preparations, including oral processing and comfort, among other aspects.

To this end, advise the use of extra virgin olive oil and the use of foodpairing, that it is a scientific way of combining foods to ensure that the mixtures work well. In other words, look for foods that combine well with EVOO. 

This helps to achieve an excellent culinary dietary strategy that is able to intensify the sensory properties of these texturally modified diets.

In the end, as recent studies have shown, the benefits of the use of EVOO for dysphagia sufferers are numerous. An approach that brings a new perspective to nutrition for people with the disease.

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