Toast is a versatile and easy-to-cook recipe. It is perfect for breakfast, as a snack and also as a light supper. Another advantage is that they can be made in a short time and without giving up on taking care of yourself and eating healthy. That's why we offer you a selection of delicious healthy and easy to prepare toast recipesr.

Tomato toast with salt oregano and organic AVOE

Without a doubt, this is a classic tostada recipe. It is a simple, healthy, economical recipe that you can easily prepare without special ingredients. Precisely because the ingredients are so simple, it is recommended that you buy quality ingredients so that they are tastier and the toast becomes a treat for the palate.

You can make the toast on the bread of your choice, but for this recipe it is preferable to use rustic or village bread cut into not very thick slices. On the other hand, it is ideal to choose an organic tomato for maximum flavour. 

First we toast the bread. Then we sprinkle it with a dash of AVOE Ecological. In this case, the organic variety will go very well with the tomato. Next, place the tomato slices, and add a pinch of salt and oregano. And the toast is ready. As you can see, this is a very simple recipe, but with a delicious result.

Smoked salmon toast, sesame and Royal EVOO

This toast is especially for people who love smoked salmon. Smoked salmon is a way of preparing salmon that leaves no one indifferent due to its texture and aroma. In addition, it is a simple recipe full of flavours and contrasts that will provide protein and healthy fatty acids to your diet.

The best way to prepare this recipe is to choose a thinly sliced seeded bread. After toasting it, sprinkle it with a dash of AVOE. For this occasion, it is recommended to try a variety such as the RoyalIt will provide an intense aroma that will go perfectly with the salmon and sesame seeds. Finally, place a few slices of salmon on the bread and, as a finishing touch, sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

Vegan tofu toast with fresh tomato and AOVE Arbequina EVOO

Toast is also an excellent option for vegans who want to make a quick meal. Thanks to ingredients such as tofu, you can prepare simple and delicious recipes like the one we offer here. You can choose any bread. However, this recipe will be best with a nut bread, as it will increase the protein value.

Otherwise, the process is very simple. After toasting the bread, we spray it with EVOO. The Arbequina variety combines very well because it has a very mild flavour. Then we put some thin slices of fresh tomato, some slices of tofu and, if you like, a little salt and even some chopped fresh basil.

Serrano ham toast with tomato and AOVE Picual EVOO

The tostada serrana is another classic recipe par excellence. It is perfect as a hearty breakfast. And with a salad, it can also be a quick and delicious lunch. Again, the best for this recipe is rustic bread, not too thinly sliced.

After toasting the bread, just drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil, add a few slices of tomato, a pinch of salt and top with quality Serrano ham. For this recipe, the recommended variety of EVOO is the Picual

The reason is that it is a more intense variety that adds a certain bitterness and spiciness. The combination of the aroma of the oil and the taste of the ham is a perfect tandem that makes this toast a sensory experience.

Toast with fresh cheese, anchovies and organic or Arbequina EVOO

Finally, a recipe for lovers of the sea and salty tastes. It is excellent because of the contrast in flavour between the anchovies and the fresh cheese. Here the options can be very varied because you can choose between a fresh goat's cheese, a cow's cheese or a mixture of the two. In addition, the bread can be rye or wholemeal, which increases the nutritional value of the toast.

The preparation is simple and very similar to the previous ones. First, toast the bread and drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil. Then, place a few slices of fresh cheese on top and, finally, the anchovies. 

For this toast we recommend a mild AVOE variety such as the Arbequina or organic. These varieties are less intense, but provide a delicate flavour note. This way you can better enjoy the true contrast between the fresh cheese and the anchovies.  

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